Be'er Mayim

Topics in Devarim

Sefer Devarim, the last of the 5 Chumashim, covers many important topics that are important for every G-d fearing Jew to review. This course highlights select topics in Sefer Devarim, such as the Mitzvot of Teshuvah, Tzedakah, and Zechirat Amalek. Students are given the opportunity to explore the nuts and bolts of these Mitzvot, as […]

The Torah Portion

In this hands-on course, students will be given the opportunity to create their own unique lesson on the Parsha. This course provides the guidance and tools necessary for effective lesson planning, along with sample lessons to help get those brain wheels turning. Your Parsha journey starts here!

The Book of Kings  

Sefer Melachim spans a fascinating era in Jewish History- the era of the Kings. This course offers a Perek-by-Perek breakdown of Sefer Melachim’s storyline, along with some of the Mefarshim that explain it. Students will get a glimpse into the kingship of various kings, from David Hamelech, to Shlomo, to Yeravam- all the way through […]

Sefer Bereishit  

Sefer Bereishit, the first of the 5 Chumashim, covers vast and fascinating topics, beginning with the creation of the world. This course explores the world’s creation and history of the Jewish nation by covering select topics in Sefer Bereishit. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for many of the already fascinating topics in Sefer Bereishit.

Sefer Yonah   

The story of Yonah has been well-known for generations. In this course, students will gain a deeper of Sefer Yonah by learning the storyline in depth. They will understand the connection between Sefer Yonah and Teshuvah, as well as the Sefer’s practical implications for everyday life.

Megilat Esther  

In this course, students will learn about the Purim story from a fascinating angle by exploring the storyline and lessons of Megilat Esther from a Midrash point of view. This course offers a detailed, Midrash-style overview of each Perek in Megilat Esther, bringing the already beloved Purim story to life. 

The Tana’ic Period

Jewish History is a vast and fascinating topic, with many facets and time periods to be explored. Centered around the era post-Churban Bayit Sheini, this course focuses the major events of the time, including the re-establishment of Sanhedrin in Yavneh and the Bar Kochba Rebellion. It also highlights major Torah personalities such as Rabbi Yochanan […]